A Collection of Sounds

by Out of Place

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miket1 A portion of the songs contain samples from Ethiopian songs from the seventies and me being a hip hop head from Ethiopia it was like a dream come true. Very good sound and original.
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Compiled a collection of thoughts while existing in the Austin space. The ending result is sonic and visual art.


released October 23, 2017

Cover Art by Mila Sketch

Album mixed & mastered by 247
Video by 247


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my music for free. if you want to leave a tip or support me on a monthly bases click the paypal link below. thank you, peace.

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Track Name: Notes for 2018 (feat. Love Space) prod. Loot Tester
verse 2

nothing leads to nowhere on those days i focus the lights away
the fight to stay above ground
is one i lose with each passing phase
pressure from a lack of pay
keeps me at odds on even the nicest day
all sights are gray
the rain covers up my enlightened gauge
at a age where there's no turning back
once my life's a stray
thought to be headed the right way
but i’m caught in the obvious cycle
starving alone in the dark
bracing my brain for the light bulb
write sharper than quil and still spill the release of memories


a look ahead at things to come
but further from the almost done
lessons for the future acquired from the rhyming tongue
Track Name: Push Foot
verse 1

thinking positive will help when the pressure is getting worse
feeling down is only something you feel when you don’t assert
life is low and it knows how to kick you right where it hurts
just another reason to disassemble the vision first
what is it worth a question i unearth from the date of birth
removed from my native dirt
to pursue an unaided thirst
-slavery made us work
while they hung us on day of church
- now they can aim and burst
and say it’s the way it work
i’m feeling the pain and the strain weighing me down
trying to think of a reason for putting up with these clowns
haven’t reached an elder age and don’t know if i can afford it
leading a black life thru vision that’s been distorted
feel like a walking corpse or target practice for enforcement
too dumb to get a head or so it’s thought by the majority
majority being the one’s holding the authority
lacking my support in the workforce laboratory


there's no more future when your eyes are closed
better sleep with a wink or you could hide i suppose
keeping up with the present is a work of it’s own
only here for a minute once you reach than it’s gone

verse 2

want to keep with fight but it feels more like an uphill battle
seems like we’re cattle
on a steady course of being saddled
than slaughtered after use and called a nuisance to society
corner every store with liquor ending mind sobriety
this nation lied to me
all beings are never equal
among the dust and rubble just want to stand as people
does no one have a conscious fearing their own mortality
alone in the public eye left to be another fatality
black doesn’t mean i was born to be a gangster
black doesn’t mean i sell paraphernalia for paper
black isn’t really what they want you to see
because black is the person that represents the me


there's no more future when your eyes are closed
better sleep with a wink or you could hide i suppose
keeping up with the present is a work of it’s own
only here for a minute once you reach than it’s gone
Track Name: Always Proper (feat. Love Space) prod. Lucky Punch
verse 1

guess any time is better than none
to get started on a point of view
the boredom stews into the average shoe
but my site is at height above
- with ability to parallax
and meld mind to the vinyl wax
to keep the heart attached
hardest fact
artist act
like it's about the star attract
really should be more about the truth inside the bars you rap
money, cars and argue crap
what i conceive as far detached
that hold no validity after radio attack

verse 2

sub set of upset rule
sustaining waning subject
public view
the skewed brut
longing for the up root

(Love Space)

logic like slaughtered fodder
don't bother to question empty

(Love Space)

so when push comes to shove
who's backing the true essence
who's moving the truth
and building a new message
factor the two presents
and act like you knew questions
new crew on the rise
using vibes to serve you lessons


sometimes i feel it all around me
like the sunset to moonrise
- if i ever forget
mention to open eyes
the only reason that i levate
is for the music vibe
trying to keep it alive
but feeling it divide
Track Name: Go (feat. Wick-It The Instigator)

i’m probably below the best
hold notes and speak up from an open chest
never blessed
making it happen with ordinary breath
extraordinary depth
digging deep into the mind for change
don’t want to maintain the current strain
you must be so vain
thinking this current manifestation is equity waiting for your rebuttal
i’m big trouble like kurt russell in china
redefine lines
to fine grime
for enzymes to bind minds
it’s a fine time speaking over beat design
let the weak decline
to a state of being benign
i’m on this grind 24/7 without the open sign
focus for doper rhymes
with an opus to hold this bold stroke
no hope for those that don’t float in this delivery
simple minds create simplistic rhymes for the masses
i speak in facets
conducting raw beats from past clips
while you lack on keyboard regurgitating the same riff


let loose on a few loops
to prove who’s the written truth
sound salute
stand up and show the visions true
Track Name: Two (feat. Denice King)
verse 1

hate it when life starts pushing me on the edge of what be about
eat, sleep be without
while other take the scenic route
on the tip of breaking through to higher plan
in fact i lace the game
with this unnamed refrain
my claim is where is should be
collective misfit
erben nitwit
stuck between the vibe of rhyme hustling
and loop dust bustling
toss and tussle ends
like i got Benjamin's to spend
but broke and bummy
it's either this or clean my laundry
may sound onry
but truth when life is on me
with nickels dwindling
got to build the fire with kindling
before the pockets empty in
stuck between a rock and hard place to squeeze
got love for lp’s
from the first day i stretched the sleeve
best perceived as sample geek
slice a rhythm into parts
then reconstruct a random beat
never sleep
i know a good loop from the photo finish
both caught my eye before knowing the sound provide
stuck between this or that
just bits of fact
trying to choose but stuck between the overlap

verse 2

feeling like i’m stuck trying to pick between the two
caught with in a loop
that seemed to swoop upon this fading goof
remaining true to form
meaning bargain born
with the prospect of something this fresh
couldn’t dare leave for the next guess
move toward the counter like a thief in a mask skully
brash but gully
though my appearance is natural funny
ask to drop the price from two bucks to a dollar even
as she stared in disbelief like what is he conceiving
panicked and breaking into frantic breathing
her lips move at a pace of slow when she uttered that i could leave
while her finger pointed back to the sign that scribbled free
Track Name: Hot

wake from a cold sweat
push the blanket off my bed
head spinning round like i’m rick from the walking dead
the air feels thicker
as the sun beams upon my face
must make haste
fast past to the bathroom
splash some cold water over eyes
and wonder why the gloom feels like a sauna
check air condition efficiency
apply the up and down but no response to my deliver
the temperature read 95 degrees and steady climbing
i need to cool the opposite of up if luck is on my side
the freezer provides
so i lock eyes across the desert plan
with each step my temp hotter than the last
so i’m left to crawl accordingly
though my legs are supporting me
finally made it
though the trek felt like i’m miles away
stand to find a broken fridge
no ice within the tray
the rooms spinning
but i’m trying to keep together self
one more card to play
so let the heat claim somebody else
the magnet on the fridge had an advert for amy’s ice
so i grab the bike
and hope the aim of my directions right
peddle like i’m training for a fight
speeds reach heights
of 5 mile spikes
with onlookers saying why even bike
covered in sweat from head to toe
ask for a bowl of vanilla and a milkshake togo
along with a mexican vanilla split
add the cookie crumbs
whip cream
cherry on top
and eat till the heat stops


the heat
hot enough to wake you from your sleep
only way to cool it down
know the proper relief
Track Name: Sand Stone (feat. Love Space)
verse 1

i’ve been in it for a minute
trying to win it with a sentence
never mimic image cause remember it's a gimmick
i speak it like a living breathing part of me the artistry is honoring
not exonerating violence to a better the state of autonomy
honestly feeling obsolete among the many mochary
attacked by a cheeto puff who regards me as a kender
i grow slender while he wallows in gluttonous dinner
a joke on a bender
with the votes to be a winner
it’s cold outside
i see the snow before winter
how do you exit quickly when you never knew to enter
change is on the way whether we want it or not
tired of watching all the bodies drop
getting got by cops
let the beat knock
till street rocks
heat for either mom or pops
-sure bet to making their tube socks drop


you know how it goes when the flows are bold
- we roll over those
- who suppose to know
the cats with the fat track that overloads
every open node
till your brain explodes
Track Name: Head Maze (feat. Tenci)

think i’m
losing, focus, time
rewind to,
my own
all i could find
is another rig in the cognitive
senses never work when dealing with the obvious


fading to the background
as the foreground relieves my steddy sprawl as i beckon the call to fall from my achievements
relief isn't friendly
as the grief starts to settle in
love lost in seconds
with no hope of ever becoming a friend
the window occupies the streaming of my morn thought
locked on why i had to leave and in the end i’m just feeling lost
this is what i’m worth
a pile of dirt scattered as the wind dispersed
peaked apart on the level of being molecule
the bond abscond
held captive lost for ever more
forbidden from my chamber door
isolated as the anger pours
what is this for
life leading me to another end
trapped in this head maze circling my tail again
a failing friend
distant from even my own fleshly skin
when it's time to go i guarantee i’ll be alone again
no friends
no family
no objects that i can evaluate
becoming the dysfunction in conjunction as i lost my pace
Track Name: Slow Down (feat. Love Space)
intro verse

no longer do i feel like a real person,
just a shadow or a shadow
that probably should have passed along time ago
in a cage trying to find my way out
but the chains of my belief keep me on a severed route
unable to shout when i’m told to cover my mouth
and nowhere is safe from the range of the deep south
new world order
surprising the false belief
that we ever had a chance of being free
Track Name: Trance (feat. Ufulu Child)
verse 1

life holds me at ransume,
and then it dares me to speak up
holding on to energy that isn’t me the inner peace,
integrated in this unforgiving nation
the rise of falling justice and the loss of pigmentation,
plantation of a different kind
need to learn to wield a weapon while you keep the blinders over mind
the prison population grows exponentially
treat you like animal and you’ll believe eventually
never had a chance from the get go
want to be creative as the world around me implodes
lacking motivation has this journey reached it’s end road
reaching for the better regardless of what i’ve been told,
it’s cold out
even in the summer heat
blankets for the cold reminiscent of eternal sleep
want relief looking for a friend to help
make america great while violating my health


no time for love in this self made game
born to be the same but i bring about the change,
life hangs on a balance of notes
writing down the memories for others to quote