Empty Thoughts

by Out of Place

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247 verse 1 it’s been rough road looking back on situations living in the cold and drowning in my vegetation simple education with a head for exploration didn’t want to talk alone in my with limitations in my room sit and listen to the music station it was an education sounded like dedication old dirty and biggie rocking to the meditation no feeling up to that point then i got creation that's when i started spacing and making hip hop innovations nothing else mattered cause the music was elation from recording in my bedroom to current documentation i did it for my sanity and look what it has granted me away from the debacle and obvious chains to traveling hemispheres and the growth of my brain friendly people in my corner help deal'n with pain the name of the game changed i’ll never be the same hook got to stay focused in the time when hard to really see the point of one direction isn’t really worth it and it’s never perfect but you got to give it purpose otherwise you’ll be the only one that hasn’t surfaced
verse 1 i wake to find the morning quite different from the last time i check never known for small steps in a world fashioned to hinder me independent with sentiment to vent, any frustration tired of the lust station started making art to make the heart part, feel better with every ark like an aardvark medium size keep with the dark all a part of the frantic need to manage a slower rush before the bruise and cuts catch up like shoot then cuff messed up - heart palpitate i could of been erased the same -just another name slane from the color change trying to rise above but always feel the tug below if i make it out how far to reach before i know can i really make a difference when the mode of change is written on a instant message buried in the cross exchange attack on everything and anyone not hunkered down leak a breath and the autonomous will hunt for sound hook trials and tribulations define assimilation divine or just a vagrant the mind is just a play pin - any way we on this planet till the day ends another breath expelled just a way to weigh in
hook control is a dish that's best served cold no one knows just how it might go death from the hand that won’t protect hope stepped in the tracks of someone you might know 247 verse 1 life has a funny way of making sure you catch its silent meaning awake dreaming brain scheming on my next thought lost with a whole lot of questions and yet i walk to the end of the earth till the street tapers off its a cold night moon light dim site should've been home sooner but ignored friends advice too polite turn down rides and slip into the night without thinking more about my situation i’m alone on the street with defeat around the corner a goner that turned his mother's glee into a morner from the simple mistake of being awake too late my fate has been adjusted to a subject of discussion another media hype for ratings and facebook fights no talk on how to stop the repeated take of life the fight just remains from shots to vocal plight what a night watching breath escape under the moon light
No Sun 02:08
247 verse 1 getting tired of keeping up more like i’m getting pushed back the flak to just exist is twist to be laughed at off track but on point with no direction a slow slip into the wilderness of waldon’s lessons giving up the civil and reverting to self reflection an upset with in the media’s perception with a mind to speak only makes for harder question the fee to be misleading isn’t worth the digression i write to further the question of self etching out emotion to rhythm that remains to help never the same self quiet and alone in home watching life pass while talking to the microphone dealing with push when there’s no need fight trying to be alright but the night won’t continue need to find a venue to release the thought restriction fading on a empty diet lost within the diction 247 verse 2 loosely fitting in this gamble to stay sane life loves to play games want to overcome but i’m reminded of the dark shame blame, when i just want to be me can never touch the heights of prometheus at this degree need the pain to stop but it’s on going and upon showing i’m under attack for not knowing don’t want to dissipate on the streets over beef rather find my last breath speaking words of relief
Juxtaposed 01:21
247 verse 1 want to live but i feel the breath slipping of the end of my tongue been around the world once and that's the end of my run done right back to the square i started from trying to be ain’t enough at cost of lost freedom - out the gate i was born to serve a mandate plained fate to work a fast chain and expand late crossed the river to a different side of the track opened the mind frame never think of turning back lost more like i’m on a mission to form a vision the morning listens for the dawn of my decision sometimes i feel i’m at the end of the rope hanging on with one hand as the abbiss looms below losing the go slow against this uphill approach don’t want it given to me but at least let me close on the same level rather than being juxtaposed only time knows which way the trump wind will blow hook you don’t hear me till i get loud enough you don’t see me unless they break out the cuffs you don’t need me put me in stripes and lock me up living under the show lights your bond to rust
247 verse 1 can’t say there much i was good at in school i would disappear the kid in rear that no one else noticed even sitting there didn’t study cause i had better things to do then sit in stew being told which life i could fit into even outside provides open shut case standing on the corner hustle rob for better place what a waste mind race trying to leave this space while everybody else sit feeling quite complicated my face straight like emotion slipped fast away casted to play in the wrong part but alas i stay for family reasons become treason in my mind's projection blind and guessing alone with no known protection where to turn when no one has the answers the mind needs to be fed but surroundings are like cancer almost at the point of giving up if this is what i’m meant to do then why not make the end abrupt tired of running thru this never ending cycle repeating the repeating till the heart becomes idle hook i want to live right but who am i living for want to be nice but who am i giving more want to stand right but who am i fighting for want to be life but why are they killing more
247 verse 1 woke up in a daze still in shock from the memory shift my head rings and vision is blurred to a mist disturbed to admit how i nervously twitch an emerging sense of urgency started alert me my hands to the ground help me raise to my feet stumble and wheeze then buckle to knees and squeeze stomach almost didn’t notice the pungent odor that seems to hang and quiet sustain that stood out like writhing pain my site regained but not quite the right domain what am i doing here on this hour i can’t recount back to my feet use a loose piece of wood to steady limp towards an exit ever ready to figure a way out but something's missing stop to catch breath then listen sounds like footsteps heading towards my position it appears to be a women that's as injured as me and she sounds out of breath from the way that she breath as she stumbles to great i limp closer to meet but start to notice the stink and the odor she reeks didn’t properly think just a motive to reach claiming we can both make it if we only believe she bit at my sleeve i pushed away to get some relief fell to the ground and cover the wound to stop the leak she got up with a look that’s disturbing to see and started crawling to me like a shadowy dream i tried to push away but nobody would notice the scream and right before she ended it i finally notice the name hung around her neck shiny from her thin gold chain something i’ll remember often till the day i decay, it read michelle 247 ending verse strangers in the night their eating someone something isn’t right your walking closer should just run and hide i hope it’s not your friend all the jokes aside it’s freaking zombies you should grab a knife and not get bit or you will be the one that people try to shoot
247 verse 1 consider me the last avatar air bender of this speech game with fizeek that of a geek but still broot slang -nashville native aggregated to the austin spike slight life but never let it take my visual plite digiable right and quite precise when i’m on the mic like i’m born to write conduct a beat more then just sort of tight i border life on the fringe looking for more insite the boring type that doesn’t drink away the urge to fight standing upright with a light bulb bright over head harder than that crew battling amongst the walking dead invisible visual hemispherical lyrical imperial cat that starts the morning with a box of cereal live like i’m short changed to an eyeball with the outer view i tout the truth like a hired slooth to mount the troops about the loops diggin crates while sipping boxed juice the fox is loose slicker than a cop who botched the truth Shannah Boone hook no more hunt-ing sea-son sure we- all - got - our rea-sons you know the game cause you played before and this is how we settle the score
Give It Up 01:14
247 verse 1 Life is hard I can see a lot of blocks in the way From the road you choose to walk To the place you home to stay We all grow in way Molding the path known as self Reflection of our surrounding With the parent no parent help Being black is hard enough Just trying to survive A ready to die attitude is part of the lie Angry and feisty Nothing nice to come across Is a lost way to view any skin you section off We are individual With analytical mainframe To overcome the nothing and make it a better life gain The price pain Even with the same color in the veins They utter it's a shame While they clutter up the name Made to be vicious Pimps, killers and dealers Sports, rap or stealers No honor in the demeanor Played to be meaner Told how to talk, look and act One foot in the cycle With no chance of turning back Hook It’s been a long, day Nothing to really say Want to be a better person but they claim that i’m a pain
247 Verse Every day I'm dying While I'm trying to live in the truth I'm not a real person Just another freak for abuse An object for laughter Choke-holds and bloody batter Nothing matters In my head I hear the chatter Am I really here Cause I feel myself slipping Neglected to listen As the chatter shatters my feelings Black, a wise crack on the back end of a joke Being drug on concrete while the onlookers poke Hung by the throat with umbilical rope You're killing my hope And dealing a blow Sinking and keeping me low Empty and cold Funny buddy for show A knuckle but no When my body's hearing the blow Feeling alone Surrounded by friends or a foe One can never know My end can come quick Like click of a trigger switch If the figure fits Apparently I’m supposed to wear it Hood dealing, seedy individual Lacking peripheral More like invisible when I’m belittled People speak leaks and make my heart beat sink Try to shrug it off Cause man is never soft Even though I’m not a real person A living joke doesn’t get to sob Hook Black as the breath pushed out of my lungs Black till the day that my body is done Black as I'm seen in the eye of the meek Black cause you remind me every day of the week
Saranade 02:31
247 verse 1 remember days alone in my home nobody to huge only one life to live and my life is a dud they want heros and such i’m too far out of touch with my luck i’ll be happy if i ever could love nothing special to my outer shell appearance always ify cause i don’t dress to attract more like repel think it better to be alone then find your love and bail so i keep to myself and only speak to music the language i understand that never turned abusive when all else is lost music there to fuse it got me going again when i wanted sail one of those relationships that wasn’t meant fail hook if i can make it thru this then i can make it thru right and i don’t ever need a never love to be in my life 247 verse 2 skip ahead met a friend who's as coo as it gets and we’re hanging on the daily use to meet at her house she cooked us breakfast and lunch never asking for much even made me drink some tea that hadn’t steepened enough always good at conversation as we talk thru the night realize it’s getting late so i’d quickly take flight didn’t think twice about the way we talked away light or how she invited me over when nobody’s in site completely over my head even when invited to her room thought i’d never find love so it wasn’t mine to choose this continued for a while till she made the first move 3 years later holding tight like we got something to prove hook if i can make it thru this then i can make it thru right and i probably need a never love to be in my life
Hook Wish i could find another way to focus some how Right now i’m falling down Another victim to drown Keep my head about the water isn't my focus for now Life without the music isn't living some how Keep Push-ing Don’t Stop Cause I, Don’t know, If i can, Be No Me Or Lost Sinking trying to be the hustle and bustle No fashion trend with no gaining of muscle Simple living creator with no sustain Can’t carry self without vision to gain Selfish and vain No Lonely and plain Yes Eager to linger in music till losing conclusion illusions delusional state of emerging submerging ones self in the writer lightings getting heavy but i am still fighting biting time and shying away from the crowd Labeled as upset no reason to smile Relief in the music when seeking worthwhile Being me again Is weakening with in It seems to be a trend But eagerly i fend Off Those Thoughts Of Lose Cause i, Don’t know, If I can, Be No Me Or Lost
Uneasy 01:51
247 verse I’m a complainer And my demeanor is meaner than most Feel like i’m ghost with nothing more to do Just raw goo chew Left to dwell on bottoms of shoe Nothing else to prove But stew in my on persistence I’m growing a distance for many And my pennies are showing less No guess on what the future will bring Open eyes to the same thing Tired of the game As i hang in the balance and wait for the day that i’m c.o.p. challenged The news and media Promote defeating of My beating blood Saying my meaning is just demeaning and it’s defeating my worth Already dug the hole Just waiting to put me deep in the earth Uneasy at birth What a jerk Hook Hold my hand high to make sure that i never offend But I made the wrong moves Sending the wrong signals again Is the end I guess one day i’ll figure it out Until than, i’ll just wonder what this lifes about
Falling 01:32
247 Verse Everything is different from what i remember may be it’s the same And i never change Stuck inside of my own brain The pain to maintain Losing friends in amounts In a different account Trying to figure it out Full of doubt Never sure of what this life is about Want to open my mouth Gradually nothing comes out All i have is the music till there nothing to breath With no tricks up the sleeve I know it’s hard to conceive I’m a master of my own universal divid That just isn’t alive If the music denies But trying to make a difference hidden under solid rock With an appalling stop When i’m lifting up to the top Gravity pulling me down Making sure i feel the drop Thought i wasn’t alive But the heart can never stop Though art is rarely sought Hook Don’t take me with you I know i feel the change I want to rearrange The thoughts inside brain Don’t take me with you If anyone's insane It probably be the same Just with a different name Don’t take me with you Don’t want to be the same Don’t want to be the same Don’t want to be the sane Don’t take me with you
247 verse 1 for a moment i, thought i was giving up and never turning back an everyday struggle to cope focusing on the wrong ability music appeals to me need to learn better how to live it get out of the dead end job and push my life more to the limit money is secondary i can live with just enough as a kid i had it rough mom alone with four of us running water and open oven to heat the house nights alone with no fun to speak about felt like i was in a hole kept away from any change can’t expand the brain if the aim is just be the same feeling deranged surrounded by strange people if i continue being different won’t remain equal feeling depressed dealing with stress, nonetheless trying to keep everyone going on a road to distress what a hopeless mess feeling like it’s all turning against me my cup runneth over to a lost state of empty falling simply letting go and dove mentally dark days ahead due to unstable chemistry need to get out but it’s hard to fathom in a darkened chasm every corners covered in a hopeless anthem in my head i wonder what i can do next tired of wasting my life in a job for a loose checks up to my neck in a mess and it’s only getting worse need to focus on myself before i end up in the dirt alert but nobody is there to listen till a family took me in and showed me how to live in fair conditions how to be responsible and deal with inner self if you dug a hole how to raise a hand for help things i never understood till it hit me the dark side of the room is a place that stays empty - but it’s also a place where i escape staring off into the hour with thoughts to ventilate hook on this place to be the time won’t wait for me no time to wait and see cause i can break repeat break down written by Mathieu Maubert French: Le temps ah le temps c'est qqch d'immateriel, d'imperceptible. Il passe et passe et passe sans que l'on ne puisse rellement le stopper ou ralentir sa course effrené English: Time, oh time is something immaterial, imperceptible. It is going on and on and on without us being able to really stop it or even slow down its "unbridled" race


moved to Texas last year and found some great records. this is one of three albums i've been working on.


released February 10, 2017

album artwork by Andres Avina
logo by Tim Volodzko


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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