Looking Back

by Out of Place

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verse guess we all trying to figure it out on the verge of street living see the signs point to end times my life like that lime flavor bitter sweet without the rough shell to rip though powered by numbers but only one self with issues the mic cycle provides light through life’s trifles i stand stifled a man's sight is not viable crusty vibes spin lies like modern bibles with in an eye full the landscape escapes my mind's rule who defines coo when the worlds ruled by pencil pushers venture butchers out to make my living hell i sit alone and type it’s the only way i’m getting well pennys fail like duck tales in a private vault oh how the rich get richer with every line insult don’t have time to cough or get caught in a blind assault i’m fine but timing of my rhyme is off you know the name cause the pains plain to see it probably ain’t me if the start line defines a fee what time to be black with in a riffles beem you know the dream all man created feeble never equal sinking deep knees stuck in the deceitful rely on memory to pull me out remember that i’m not alone just far flow from the normal route what’s it all about head full of doubt for the final bout struggle in a world based on clout that touts
verse there needs to be a change but who will be first to address it i speak with a message others use strange methods that retain a stained essents speaking with new thoughts than receiving new questions don’t have much in this world but at least i have these sessions that help relieve my aggression making me focus on the right direction as i fight the plight of this hyped election asking who’s really in control as i try to find the right finality of my duality give me a heart beat and i’ll show you to the true streets where those without have to sleep we all wear sheep vail with a wolf held underneath waiting for the next trend to decide our delivered dream it’s all about the cream, flour, egg and icing anything less wouldn't be enticing as the day talks i hold my pen and listen translate it to vibes with hopes that you pay attention inching towards the edge but i it’s part of my invention on the brink hard to even blink sink into the residue collected by another measure to control don’t let life pass you by i apply the lofi try to defy and fly hook 2 no one else to talk to but myself these days when i finally find a way i'll probably find a way to say
hook nowhere to go when the only way is up if i don’t make sound than assume i’m living rough it’s hard road to follow making dreams out of dust - pushing for the future cause the presents not enough verse what am i working towards in this game that seems to repeat find it hard to sleep so i press on and find another beat think i’m living life for one reason to make sure the dialect is fully immerses by ears unseasoned sick of the same where the dollars at i’m on a level underground trying to vibe beneath the call of rap what am i looking for searching beyond struggle deep in trouble but want to stretch out this self bubble locked in a room ready to make the pieces fit hoping what i type is nice and beyond the norm of lagit wasn’t a popular study in school days picked on most of my life on up to the current page age doesn’t make a difference and neither does my intelligence the elephants in the room but doesn't remain relevant wonder why fight if the opposing team is always bigger growing old and rusty refraining from becoming bitter hook nowhere to go when the only way is up if i don’t make sound than assume i’m living rough it’s hard road to follow making dreams out of dust - pushing for the future cause the presents not enough
verse feeling like my life’s been edited as the days become repetitive no real worth as my age displays the sedative a recluse that’s reckless alone and fighting depression resembles a question and still hasn’t learned his lesson needs to dive deeper but lives life inside a speaker alone probably the best way to stop hurting the seeker think i’m better off residing in another dimensional beaker a science experiment with no visual impairment deceased to the core if i only had a brain i probably wouldn’t repeat and recreate the same change need to look ahead but my eyes remain focused back starting to detach and relapse till the me’s cracked nothing else to do but let it all fall apart so the healing starts i guess that’s art a constant destructed to retouch alone barring these deep cuts inflicted upon self to scared to reach out and ask for help as i sink lower with no shoulder to lean slowly fade into the background and become the unseen hook the world as i knew it fell apart last night wake up in the morning hoping to be alright if i come upon the stage where this is part of my life hope that i can focus when the notion is slight
verse 1 think i’ve hit the low point not able to be stable paid under the table with that ever present black label feeling of no worth submersed in earth setting since birth my first step was cursed as the dirt crept all i ever wanted was to be happy while providing a music stimulus soundtracking my life experience think i’m too deep for feet to solidify that why i hang back further than you can see making me hard to be identify cause with in a lie spins money for catching dinner flies don’t want be a fat cat just back pack and pay bills so what i say feels call me brill with ill shrill got more than a good will a heart that knows the beat well hit the street looking for inspiration to speak tales this is what i do when counting sheep fails my programmings below the average hook please, let me be or let me sink into the way i feel it comes across getting lost in melody the truth is never what you want to believe but it’s here so paint the picture as you struggle to breath verse 3 how do i find focus when my mind pulls the self apart i do it for art kind of like i’m super man but always clark as the dark creeps closer i look within to find that vital self must apply the help for better health with in the mind is felt walk the streets like the living dead have to make the profits only way to keep my stomach fed and a roof over head with dread dollars matter more than the creative mind stead lead to believe the world is always ending with doom pending i’d rather spend my time with this room venting the creative art plays a major part on how my day will start better with than without the mind spouts syncrenicity to better a line the beat i tout beyond simplicity rhythmic efficiency delivery
hook either we all lose or we all win another day to dig in hills and fight the battle again verse don’t know what my future facing a lost case spaced and displaced a lower race to the eyes of donalds trumped face as i waste away another day to say i’ll probably be slain at the hands justice while trying to handle a normal day the flag displays color that don’t run but claim change my name than tax me for the travel call me african and say the language i speak babel this worlds confused i feeling used since conception dare i show intelligence or stand up against deception the roll i play is not the one you say not a character action figure that you can appoint your black friend my back bends like any human it takes time to mend i’m not a trend hip hop supplies me with knowledge to ascend and when i say ascend it isn’t god talk i step beyond normal boundaries and escape the fee of the bended knee is this america the place of freedom language where ideas are collected and express out of more than aguish
verse got a sick sense for hearing when i'm rapping over instrumental dynasty the finest speech delivered from a rhyming geek with time to tweak every line i speak stuck in a mode deeper than your favorite nonsense the bomb since prince, dropped purple rain and been around since the urkel rane got a luke cage defense when assaulted with verbal artillery want more than the hood recognizing ability keep to the shadows till the path is clear reck every ear within a fare distance so the people know the flow is near more than nice or ordinary vary like organs when horton plays a slew melodies keep the word developing never embellish lining of pockets or validity well known like kennedy in the right the circles no verse herbals just clear thought and word hurdles challenging self to be better than the last publication self education motivated by music escalation another day alone and still don’t have away stack written raps explore the course of my life track dusting off the rugged times searching for sustainability work facilities and write word prefered ability hook flow deep show no relief on the beat the only way to speak is with a knowledge physique peep
verse 1 starting to feel like the weight is heavy on my shoulders dodging the bolder lifes getting colder as i grow older told to be a man but what does that imply to stare a person down as you watch their image die never cry hold back and learn how to lie unhealthy benefits of how to survive another black man dies but nobody pays attention to the cop ready waiting for another life to stop it’s hard for the normal to see cause they don’t want to believe the hidden darkness beyond their precious garden of eve protected by protection of the brutal kind from the safety of your home you can kill it’s fine hook it seems i lose it all at the drop of a dime and when i try to climb i’m right back behind either way the way is fine as long as i got time for the rhyme looking for the love of mankind blind hook it seems i lose it all at the drop of a dime and when i try to climb i’m right back behind either way the way is fine as long as i got time for rhyme looking for the love of mankind blind verse 2 use the operator dial 9 eleven call the cops than wait for the next life to stop assisted homicide and a warning to many others with color keep away or be discovered turn the opposite way or your body will lay in the street bleeding out like a product display so many ways this plays inside my head on repeat never growing old being reaped the future isn’t mine i provide a stable step for the ones getting over as i choose to face life sober truth hurts and the consequence depends on pigment i’m not suppose to show that i’m indignant more than a figment that just gets poked or prod i’m a living human being and not close to god just flesh and bone twist in this in this hyped up facade waiting on the trigger finger to decide law hook it seems i lose it all at the drop of a dime and when i try to climb i’m right back behind either way the way is fine as long as i got time for rhyme looking for the love of mankind blind
hook i like the way you look and how you talk (who you are) i like the way you think and how you walk (who you are) i like the way you look and how you talk (who you are) i like the way you be verse she stood about 5 feet short inches at a usual height hair long and in twists with a beautiful light tried to speak but when i utter something didn’t sound right like my vocal cord extension took a holiday flight cleared my throat played it off like everything was alright though she looked at me like i was interrupting her sight tried to lean against the wall and felt clumsily slight what am i doing why do i act like a pitiful mess maybe i shouldn’t have took a look at her black and white cat dress when she smiled it gave me another chance to refresh i said yo my name is (ahem) as you probably would guess but she laughed aloud and chuckled cause i’m probably to fresh staring me up and down with a look of what's next little does she know this is how i usually flex the best of the best the rest are a typical mess know she’s heard it all before and not easily vexed but i’m more than the new breed with speech that infects worked her brain over starting at the core complex responsive to the opulent stimulace of my competence further cementing my role, as her occupant we two as people share space to be equal great minds combine to make life less deceitful so here we are at the beginning again hoping when we reach the end will be better than friends


Moved to Austin, TX a few years back and met some great producers. Two of which I teamed up with to create this album. Combine that with the lovely visuals of Dawn Okoro who used the music to help attribute ideas for the cover art.


released May 18, 2017

Album art by Dawn Okoro www.okorostudio.com

All songs recorded, mixed & mastered by 247

Tracks produced by The Deli & Fushou.


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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