Return of the 90's

by Out of Place

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    thoughts by James Smedley

    there's a lot of content here to talk about let me start with the lyrics

    u seem to be a generally deep thinker.. like a person who looks at the bigger picture more than most people

    i also get the idea u love music far more than most people.. u seem to use it as a sort of coping mechanism and/or security blanket sometimes

    ur lyrics in my opinion tread a good middle ground between abstract and direct.. like i know what ur talking about on songs but its not too obvious, which leaves the listener room to think and interpret

    u also seem to feel misunderstood a great deal of the time.. u refuse to compromise your beliefs and integrity to be liked by people/society.. this makes u a person who walks to the beat of their own drum.. this is good but i think sometimes your extreme individualism can make u feel alone or like people don't get you

    note this is just my first day listening to this i'll gain more understanding with time

    as for the composition of your lyrics.. i'd say u put forth a great amount of effort with your rhymes.. most of ur rhymes are multi-syllabic and ur ish is all introspective so ur listeners can rest assured they're getting the real you.. u have a real respect for music that is evident in ur approach to writing (this also extends to your lack of profanity)

    now as for the album as a whole.. very cohesive piece of work

    a lot of your music to me has an "old" and/or "western" feel to it

    as for the beats.. u have some beats that are like.. out there.. i can't read music but i think a few of these have some bonkers time signatures.. i like that u push things forward sometimes

    then u also have some beats that are just really good and easy to get into

    personally.. i think my #1 fave beat is the one to "to the letter"

    i think u have a beat for everyone on here no matter their taste

    u also had some great guest appearances on here.. i think my fave guest appearances other than mine was spoken nerd, and iller

    when it comes to ur flow/delivery.. very reliable, and ur flow is really good.. ur rapping in a way that's comfortable to you.. in a way it kinda reminds me of guru from gangstarr in that ur pretty monotone and you don't do any gimmicks.. don't get me wrong tho, u don't sound like anyone but urself

    u get better with time in all ur projects man keep it up!

    thanks again for the album i think its great!
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me and you 02:09
case closed 02:42
old limit 02:02
clone 02:35
cent part 01:22
like 03:14
lone gun 01:48
the chase 01:46
lets fight 02:35
underlining 02:24


This album came together faster then I thought it would. At first I was playing around with some ideas thinking I would never be able to come up with enough music. Next thing I know I'm taking tracks off this album and just keeping the songs I felt the best about. I'm very happy with the way the music came out. Sorry to take so long on the release but I had to make sure I liked what I heard before you could hear it. Special thanks to all the guest mc's & producers that helped make the magic happen, peace!!!!!!!!!


released January 28, 2011

album cover by: Josh Rhodes
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Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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