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Self Recognition

by Out of Place

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Intro 00:26
With In 02:17
verse 1 want to be myself but i feel like the light is not shining thru another life and time i might of been the guy that died in youth or hide in suits and shower troops with designer truth striking the root like the axe that cut washington’s goof where’s the soup been bumming since my last pursuit pennies make the dollar count seem like petty loot a steady scoop brings me closer to the bottom it’s the mirage got him thinking that the dreams could ever solve problems colored me bad from the prospect of day one never owned a weapon to devastate another occupant unless you count the carbon dioxide that my rhyme exhales a low key rapper with no history of making sales or faking jail just a black man trying to excel fenced with a propensity that’s given my outer shell at night dwell where the others never correspond write till the dawn and spawn forth another song hook wag, war, with tracks adored act with sword without a fact to store back to bore because it's rap no more lack to pore any heart in the score verse 2 another chapter left behind mind winds in strange position disposition offset by square look of simple living unforgiven i’m better off without a loose leaf psycho with more scripters then in the lord's house no spouse but a mouth stricken the doubt what a louse looking for a home but stuck in a house quiet as a what rhymes with doesn’t exist the plot twist had it all and let it fall like pick up sticks now the remainder is a sad sack of will it quit feel like a ventriloquist is speaking my every lisp that’s right because i’m more not than human kind of like the static buzz from old tv tuning guess i’m sort of played out in this current day of cybertech will i connect probably not i’d rather hold my breath standing on the edge writing verses with an etch a sketch a product of the 80’s with a verse mind birth defect
verse i had a hard life some would say i did it to myself need more imagination to reach that vision of wealth but they fail to realize been tainted since day one didn't care to hold a book because most of my thoughts were run what happened to fun after fireworks were being spun either made home alive or found piece when it was done some trust the holster not the boaster of a friendship seem family members turn enemy when frantic hook some will say or do some views that may not make much sense to you but you can choose what you abuse so let's not make this frame of view verse 2 the truth as far as i can see is lie when the person you pick to lead is worse than what i've survived made it out alive just to find divide in the try thought i got away from hatred but it's multiplied oceans wide if i should die before morning they wake guess it all really means nothing so abandon your faith (repeat last line/ stop at abandon) hook some will say or do some views that may not make much sense to you but you can choose what you abuse so let's not make this frame of view verse 3 never thought i'd make it out to get away with so much have relationships and build a bond with people i trust still about making more since before that moment of dust returning back to that place where as a child i would clutch but as an adult you keep the dirt away from the sheen in a different part of the city so the clean is just seen you know what i mean because their not deemed to be a thing inanimate objects that put a bite in the scene hook some will say or do some views that may not make much sense to you but you can choose what you abuse so let's not make this frame of view
verse in a quick pinch i'll steddy self on bench from lack of hydrate why the dry state when one supplies rhythms that devastate a featherweight in the pocket fold but the optics roll optional binging a heavy dose of record notes spend till the last drop in dusty vinyl shop just enough to keep the light on and keep the mic warm write till the final composition forms electrons stomach reaching back and no hope when all the foods gone use to sleep on futon but upgraded to twin unable to end the night session so the sleep begins just another week of doing different tweaks as the speakers bend or vibrate eye shakes body aches from seat position beat physician proficient in division with a vision living it up more than a normy even when the quiet storm is forming story over beat bangers from the fingers of i self hook when it comes to ripping though you better keep it low or best fold step out of the way you vegetable when it comes to ripping yo you better keep it low or best fold the only way to know is listen close when it comes to ripping though you better keep it low or best fold step out of the way you vegetable when it comes to ripping yo you better keep it low or best fold the only way to know is watch him go
verse hold myself to a low standard but the flow pander to my candor a live wire action movie cut cord that’s not amber cool calm with a deep burning tamber wait until i’m amplified than let loose the grammar listen to hammer now i’m too dope to touch like who wrote the new note the true hope to clutch live my life like a 90’s era garbage pail kid with the trash can lid hid behind back smells of fine rats but raps like no other the dark brother that gained his skill from his art mother let the hearts flutter melt like hot butter only way to be when the art is straight gutter by day a boring salesman for loot but when the night falls i’m guaranteed to make your head scoot what a goof write to excite the night troops and looks for incite over well constructed vinyl loops hook i don’t really want to do what you, do i hang out with myself and who i choose, to already making friends while you just use, who ever making ends to make them moves crude i don’t really want to do what you, do i hang out with myself and who i choose, to already making friends while you just use, who ever making ends to make them moves rude
Cold Stuck 03:06
verse seems like a typical night no drunks heated in a bar fight rapping up the loose ends and wish the band a pleasant night headed towards the elevator got to get home before the night wind shifts putting people on attack hit the button then step back as two dudes emerge never noticed me standing as they continue passing words to immersed in their identity to notice my endeavor caught in the tether like a boat docked for bad weather the bell rings as the doors slide a side and i tried to walk inside the elevator with no place to face noticed by one but the other starts to back over me well composed i exude excuse as he jumps to move claiming i was to dark and blended with room a stunning joke that pokes upon the racist note he udders more but i ignore waiting for the door just want to get home before the night resembles war but there's more 3 stooges by the bike rack pop on the headphone and focus on unlocking got away clean only portion of way when another group started yelling something i refuse to say o what a day when night is much worse just trying to make a living before i exit the earth put in the dirt for simply heading home after work hook cold stuck in a tragic situation just want to make it home before the night calls and hate phlegm the day was nice but it's turned into escaping just want to make it home with no attack on testing patients verse 2 lets take it back in the day before the title of a sound tech 1990 something before music would take effect another day in the city of griddy nap asked to head to the grocery to pick up some food a bundle of dollars were handed asking if it would due push thru the door running down the steps in a rush head down the alley get to the street and hit the cross light i can see the corner store but notice red and blue lights ask to slow it down and turn around without fus said i fit the description you need to come with us took me to a back alley letting the dogs bark to scare pat me down like a criminal pulling cash from my pocket a dangerous situation that can end in two ways jail or death they still get paid where bloody bodies lay and i'm suppose to act like it's typical day in a war zone hook cold stuck in a tragic situation just want to make it home before the night calls and hate phlegm the day was nice but it's turned into escaping just want to make it home with no attack on testing patients need to be home with no delay
verse to low to keep my eyes on the horizon sinking in this everyday feeling they call surviving alive when the mic cords plugged into the vibe sent just another feeling the burn whenever cops flinch give me a inch and i’ll sprint a mile in a pinch dropping bars like brothers in hopping cars choose to make money on street cause the city life is barred tot to be hard since a little kid watching the stars and the media feeding the weaker minded the ingredients to aim for black citizens in the name of the omnipotent just another incident forgotten like it’s flint again tired, and i’m not to be mistaken as a simpleton ripples triple the cyclical ending in a civil suit the courts is proof that murder is ok for the blue suits a rough route when they’d rather shoot then obtain the truth trapped in a square space but act like it fare case another day another dollar lost it’s hard to make a living when you can even trust the cops
verse when i was young i didn’t have much but my mother would give was a enough for me to prosper as unusual kid didn’t take the normal route more about obtuse angles the world tried to strangle as i dangle from my fingertips won’t let it get the best of me cooking up a special dish letting my music be the recipe had to find a way out of the cycle of dig as a kid, it seemed like every aspect was rigged even while i was in school it was a disastrous bid from walking home in the morning to the action of live like i wasn’t suited for the every day of the convoluted permission to be up rooted from this loose state of under dog try to rise above the fog but harder to breath when every step is a push that’s harder to see an art to be growing farther from family didn’t choose the route my mother had envisioned since my innocent music gave me meaning and the will to reap the benefits
verse 1 like resin on the belly of foot sole (one in front of other is another discovered) forward in the past like it’s part of the cover (ye it’s simple like a crumble or ripple) fickle pickled like a person with an alcoholic nature to escape into the void of if really you finding self but relapse to the comfort of the mental with a pencil and paper you can fade into river till the age of the december isn’t cold as you remember just a product of the aftermath of having had a gradual path close in front of you and point you in the opposite you want to quit but only get some many steps before the switch donting is the evening of the setting edging towards a picture perfect is it worth another trip into the after gather what you can and never let the past factor rigid from the resin that began it’s last capture
verse hold her closer than ever like the bond never could sever cleverly cloak the full scope of what i’m feeling too soon to be revealing the appealing thoughts of how our chemistry could collide and make a special vibe truly unheard of assertive with the amalgam of contact and space a critical shape that changed the understanding of my operate lost but wait found my place right beneath enlightened sheets stained with the main frame of my sonic aim like she understands the pleasured pain of this myopic gain fearing the farfetch of this phenomenon of commoned bond on and on till the process rhythms another songs feeling the connection deeper than the darkest blue the heart is true so i reveal every thought to you a full caress to accentuate her bodies melody i feel her breath and know the thoughts conceived talk until we rock asleep got my heart skipping like stone skimming she holds me closer than a moment or minute sleep til the nights away but even light of day doesn’t stop the stay won’t walk away from this divine being defining lines that i’m rhyming finesse curves and fold words with lips till the final exchange is really no words but hips i hold her till fits like old earth that shifts
verse how did i become the loser in this motion picture of this daily struggle life i juggle alone with no need for trouble sort of ambitious but to malicious to the thought walking on toes hoping no one notice that he’s lost made it home to find the corner of my room the way i left it upset and haven’t touched a thing since morning breakfast life dissected lying on a bed of pins and needles defending evils like it betters self upheaval writhe with equal but down graded by slitted people pitchforks and tiki torches for the roaming feeble what lies beneath when hypebeast demands defeat reacts to tweets and doesn’t fact check his own belief (Sarah hook) dopes flex promote no text to float those checks i wrote complex to slow the motion of the obstinance often an occupant using my oxygen augment an odd gift but a novelist just rocking hits provided optimus looking for more than just a pot to miss tired of the fraudulence and imposters posing with armament i’m just arduous an artist that hard to miss as far as the bar to fit it’s as far as the arm can lift they bargain for chip i rather walk away with the whole conglomerate
verse never dream big a small kid falling under his own lid music master walking disaster to the normal informal with a slight twist comprehension the palm invention lyrics form their own dimension refuse to be stuck in a loop of losing me getting used to sleep and letting music sink below my feet only some can understand the struggle with in to pick up a pen it’s like rebirth cause i’m living again can’t confine self to cubical in pursuit of usual domino effect falling in line for the credit check buy a house and car make family for the golden star build the picket fence to stabilize behind the monkey bars i’d rather starve on the brink of always losing the end conclusion music is the only way i’m moving sinking deep in life but it’s the path that i’m choosing hook 2 lost in the dark but it's better because we’re lost in the art looking for the nowhere
verse i sit alone in a four cornered room staring at random thinking of a better way to handle a candle burning quick at both ends and no grins holding on to old friends and losing all my tokens when the joke is broken what’s really left to notion can’t rock the boat without the existence of ocean parallax the mind to keep the odds from being opened over working the limbic for a better use in motion cater to none kind of known as the wordy one if i ever lost a beat it’s probably cause i made it run later stunned when he found a mound of cookie crumbs who ate the cereal that made the lecture less numb out of food but power thru the hour due sour too from lack of snooze and crappy news factor two of the baddest known on an active groove slackers move at slow pace of crappy ooze hook we are the e.r. bring on the triage soak up the notion we’re too far to be yards bars like concrete and metal on beat so level that we speak in shovel
verse been in the game longer then the count of fingers on separate hands seen the break of bands and the ugly of the what can substance abuse and the fade of my own youth this is truth wrapped in the garlen of a harvest loop the artist fluke writing the arbitrary back to boot who do i peruse when i think of vital people who stuck their neck out and never let me fall to the depression the walls of deception are within my own reflection lost it before and i'm losing again friendship family and distance when the caring ends buried friends who chose to leave by daring plans the pain doesn't stop after the life clock gets knocked stuck on the hill when i should of been there below just lift your eyes and you'll notice the variables here alone when so many stand around talking to the dark listening for echo sounds hook what does it take to make another person listen the art of being quiet is the art of making difference i walk alone but there's home in the distance feelings for the past moving forward in the friction
Outro 00:16


"Self Recognition" is a continuation of my last album "Redefining Self". All of the songs were made around the same time but i felt like they should be split up into two separate albums. After a grueling process of almost not even release this project. I finally settled on what you hear upon the release. Making music is probably one of the only things I do correct in this life. Simply because there are no rules, your imagination is your only limitation.


released December 7, 2019

lyrics by 247 (with featured verses & hooks written by Tåsi, Shirley, Erica, Falling Awake, Unorthodocks, Bobby Exodus, Sarah, Blakchyl, & TreeG)

track production by 247 (Yin Paradoxes was produced by Falling Awake)

Album art by Megan Mulhalland

album mix & mastered by 247


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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