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by Out of Place

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No Big Deal 03:21
verse already feeling the heat but, not from summer times degree track agrees lack of fees make an active feed but actually i’m more inclined to keep it to self guess it helps speaking to a populous that is felt, words upon a shelf collect dust and rust when not properly used in an offering obligated to augment give a new perspective it’s not all about the prophets giving back the true benefit within this minute list a limitless intended twist this is bliss from the wrist of a low level invention word synthesis sicker than others nonvaccinated by misguided mothers i can utter and let the clutter become another track speaking back another gutter rat to make it through attack unlike smollett making it harder to perceive fact i lean back trying to breathe and conceive rap hook it ain’t all bad but it ain’t all good just another way to make it right when i could it ain’t all laughs but it still seems good living by the day just to write what i should verse 2 every tunnel seems to have a brighter end but i would try again if it’s dark out suppose your recognize the light within not a righteous man just blend of human that’s got you tuned in glued like benching to the views slim snap into a jem whether a macho man or lady glow body blows and elbows thrown from shoddy flows but the vision knows cause the earlobe know the code the bold backed by a logical extract mode that make your back fold stand up and act irrational enthusiastic until the end assume he classic one of the baddest to ever rip upon the apparatus tall as the stratosphere when the words appear your lurking deer in the headlights of my succession without a question been lyrically sound since the day i stepped in an open session the brains weapon i take in section and see raised hands without the question
verse i've taken shots before know what the cold floor board feels like a medal steel strike on the back of my lonely wind pipes don’t pursue the hype while leisurely keeping tunes nice disable plot device and be concise when seeking slice heed advice to keep the vices away from life only makes for harder fight when justice doesn’t see my strife beaten twice before week has even creeped in site weakened right to the bone feel like the breathing tight want to be, left to myself but still i’m moving slight digging deeper in my decision to reach the heights defeat the plight and manage to make my reasons right better life till mental is at an ease delight hook pain stress the battle begins busy working on myself to tame the demons locked within still i offer hand to keep a friend from the end doesn’t make a difference even if i’m sinking in sand
verse it’s hard to have faith any more when gunshots can rain while you snore i stay up on a 24 till day is knocking at my door uneasy walking down back streets where heats posted so i stay deep in beats making my room sound the dopest want to retrace steps to calculate the fall apart all is dark but i still attack art until my heart departs no need to half step past waiting for broken regulations left to protect a fallen federation since the days of way back been portrayed as nonsensical savage predictable riddle with uncivil liberties collonize confine rework the mind to blind than hope the passage of time could erase any indignity rewrite history to claim the work wasn’t servitude but hurdles prove that the skin color makes the cops confused with the shock of news showing how shots cause contusions fluid runs until the view is done
verse i’ve become better at keeping quiet and sticking to my emotional state along the wait is a moment to calculate corresponding without the pressure even though i’m on the lesser end a message embedded in my amalgam of an over stand i want a grand that can expand the knowledge of encompassing no lumping groups together i’m extra into my introversion alert to the inert remain versed until i dissipate and pontificate only cause i care enough to act in a way that doesn’t denigrate the self my mission is to listen in expand what the vision sends not bend to just make an end i know the dollar is a tricky friend rather spend time maximizing actualizing incentivizing not a dime wasted on the visine what are my dreams nice line schemes and vinyl linings till the night brings a nice hype scene hook i want to get lose on the track and be exact in what i’m knowing
verse right now it’s all gloom consumed in a room tuned in boom what a afternoon strewn in a cocoon of thought loom mental caught wounds and knocked me bout out of tune the hour bloomed like bright light in a darkened tomb year fights fun turning chums into shark consume heart resumes after forced shot from the dark harpoon can’t assume this wound will heal before croon all hail his name MF before the ark of DOOM want to roam but i'm stuck home alone to fume wish the day was simpler times like watching morning cartoons but the weights full on as the heart plumes part goon but really hero as the art bloomed told it was the end but see the beginning start soon now i’m dropping more feels than fields full of mushrooms wish i had a chance to see the villains face over zoom when the dust settles still consumed by the loss of DOOM
verse 1 not much of a great person the weight worsens with every laid verse in wage working a slave to the paid purchase no aid so sick days remain public if ever asked what’s wrong remember change subject democrat or likes of other republics seen as repugnant till my vote is a needed incumbent back to citizen an oath of repeated redundance till the ground stands to knock me in deeper with gun clips when the fun switch i guess after the hung twitched lungs lost breath when the throat got all tongue twist guess it’s back to nature when the bodies food for fungus moved on to fresh squeezed so no longer sipping sun kissed a nature guru or product of the current fringe back bend or be broken by the social trend fall in line or be canceled by your closest friend delete your post but it’s frozen in a ghost event hook who’s in to stick and watch as the ooze begin power plot over network to amuse the dim even use the keys to plot a physical descend cops knock with shots guess your compatible friends verse 2 so i guess the plot thickens the mob stops for hot chicken race to the front gates and slay those who’s skipping side with the companies cause they woke and primping digest till your arteries are clogged and limping side step reality but applaud the retention odd twist invention that all fists are clenching bread roll with the foul fried to crisping drowned in a cauldron of hot crisco glistening rapped in a pennies worth of toilet paper fixings sold at a price to make mouths spawn the drippings this is why i stay home and eat alone and never let the internet turn me into a fallow clone
verse time to take a breather, relax collapse get back to rap when the boom met the bap i’ve been out trying to rediscover composition building up a strong position and my holding on decision a relic of the yesteryear, with clear motive to vibe like i’ve arrived from 1995 alive usually right at the melodies peak let the brain release a feast of intelligent speak leak like sunlight through the shade of the trees breath in breath out another day of relief this track is strictly vegan with no reason for beef not an industry standard but a breeze on the beat seek like minded people with a reason be and leave it to me to eagerly see the reason that we are easily free
Intruder 00:35
verse the world is getting shifty its uneasy to walk around - hear a pop than fall another on the ground what's that sound when your life slowly bleeds to ground you become a front page figure that secretes a sound knees are bound to the back necks and breathings down unease is found but never corrected till lethal round won’t say the names but show clips until the mental drowns every days another way they pull away the crown
Hold Please 01:57
verse to be or not to be a sitting duck for play want to run away but trapped where the hunters stay another day another dies for a cold piece of deli meats or a sandwich for those who feast - sick of the cowards game to use irrelevance to justify another slain - shot three times in the back it’s insane and then framed with a weapon that’s under his name registered to carry but we all look the same crooks on the prowl with a history of acting strange doesn’t matter how compliant that you choose be if you sit at home or try to put the kids to sleep - walk through neighborhood - parking your car alone in your home is a step too far what’s it going to take before they stop killing to be young doesn’t matter to these top villains seen as trophy so they don’t attach feelings as the media portrays us in a slighted vision no position cut down before court provisions stereotyped lifestyle warped decision in short killed for less than a few nickels subways another place to add for the fickle hook one day your up than the next day your falling down hit the ground with police standing all around hear the shots feel the knees as their coming down want to live but nobody wanted you around
The Off Set 01:05
hook hush no fun to me going to speak up to the unbelieve verse i live sleep eat breath conceive this deep seed to be me is a 9 a mind past the weak seize walk the line blind confined to one state of shrine the potato chip kind orange with a twist of lime no spine and no imagination to unwind robotic moves that don’t even have a base in time how do i unwind with lines that so sublime make you want to order seconds of the morning swine hook hush no fun to me going to speak up to the unbelieve
Sad Endings 02:16
verse 1 i live life that’s too close to the ground and hope that sound is meaningful a destiny to be a lonely heart into the demon pool who wants a break when it’s too late to choose fate the rules wait when money garnering the birthing place i’m a nervous case with shells in my earnest face bought a toe tag incase my mom needs to know the scrapes a lonely place when even the heart won’t palpitate growing numb and shell shocked from the tv glare like breathing air is limited by my seedy stare black and dangerous plus chains hanging to strangle with aim a fist from a distance till wholes relief in god you trust but you treat us like slabs of meat hook life's been dangerous it’s too hard to hold on when i finally take it to the chest it’s an old song from back in the day that people know wrong strange fruit season and the wind carries the notes on verse 2 feeling like i have no identity pressured to be unstable since the days of walking under rain clouds and tainted halos wasting away trying to save a nickel for improvement lost inside my own head simply looking for a way out walked the city streets till my shoes lost emotion some spend life coasting but i’m fighting for the scrapes ice thin cracked with an empty stomach touching back no help from the flawed system meant to keep me sick and sleepy missing school and couldn’t afford the heat fee head to the streets where i'm harassed on daily couldn’t save me from the blue light that treat me vaguely handcuffed when just trying to be a normy the day is stormy at the time my mother didn’t warn me friends lie with closed eyes never to speak again back to square one when i thought these days were at an end trying to reach the hand but it pulls away before i stand
verse cold slab old lad with a notepad no grad but still a tad bit rad a sad mixed bag between rags and sinbad been had by the lag of the wind bag tagged like another meat slab for some beef hash defeat crash when i peep what the week has be fast when picking up sub meat trash or brass may blast you to a weak crass bleak past led to believe last when the one telling stories made the deep gash seep gas till peak heat release blast now laying somewhere between the blue flash school crashed by loss of another sad they care less whether brother, mother, daughter, dad what a gutter barter bag to offer money fodder cash no apology but clutter up till the bother pass what a lot of trash the brash just quick past get smashed if you think of a ripped sash clash of the titan against rational writing the sad bits fighting for any lost and still frightened still here though the cost is my real life end exciting while enlighten with a pen hook sweep the leg be delayed lay where the people say be the day only when the rain brings the heat to play see the ray as the sunshine moves the thief away who to say if you move or stay you could lose your way
Just Saying 00:53
verse looks like i lost the flick of coin dropped in the worst it’s obvious i don’t follow in the popular verse is it odd to be worth more than a sneaker or shirt yet devalued at rate that makes my energy hurt think i need a rebirth or at least the speed to reverse indeed the plea to be heard isn't easily served using weapon of mass destruction to beat to the curb every week is absurd and blurred by cowardice words a killer becomes a hero every hour is worse the power flower dirt yet sours hours works protest become a mess when you get showered with hurt i’m alert stable with my feet in the earth trying to build to something nice while the rhythm asserts birth words to purge fervor from president jerk nepotism is a fixture that hermetically smirks find it hard to function right when you choose to divert
verse don’t feel i have a breath left to speak or plan set to keep to hard to fall asleep when can’t imagine peace and i’m falling to grief when ever cops chop a life brief that’s why i keep inside lying low so bullets can’t find me justice never had a good side for my refining i’m to good at minding my own less they confine think i’m blind trying to fit me in a box that doesn’t bind it’s never the time to address the step over the line but i’m suppose to treat you divine with spine misaligned unkind developing scars on influential minds what a time be when lynch mobs are assigned to seek can’t find relief, when even speaking out is another quick way for you to lie deceased want to die is peace not pieces of what i use to be can’t look ahead if i’m just another eulogy
No Stopping 02:40
verse thought i was alive but didn’t understand the plan to survive covered in hives from thoughts of how i’m going to die living a lie trapped in a puzzle on how to get by told to play it straight then can make it out the other side but shots collide even if i’m standing waving hi - truth is youth has got it worse toy guns is a quick way to watch the c.o.p. burst swing low till my chariot is under siege - no belief in police when they over me holster grip till gun tip is aiming at my dome just want to go home but they won’t, leave me lone what am i to do any time i want to go out fear for my life till death is all i think about 2020 feeling like the times from the past catch a bullet to the brain or get choked till out of gas either way i can’t make it when they aiming for my last hook who’s first to carry the weight of the worst black birth then right back into the earth if i wasn’t meant to breath what's the point of having worth lay locked till back under the dirt verse 2 societal presser boiled over pot steaming along ways from the days of the lost dreaming or priest screaming bow down to chase away demons i walk with reason not a cloth swathed deceiving blind sleep believing something i could never do i roll with a crew minus one out of the two proud of the few, things i have in my life when i look back to get here wasn’t an easy plight dark nights and club fights that made bullets stray but to call for help was a death sentence almost any day many laid their head to rest before my get away my childhood rocked with the visions of memories police treated me like i was born a sworn enemy had to respect or become less of my current cemetery doesn’t make sense cause they retain that hollowed bigotry it’s hunting season so i’m next to probably meet end hook who’s first to carry the weight of a new hurst black birth then right back into the earth if i wasn’t meant to breath what's the point of having worth lay locked till back under the dirt
Star Dust 02:29
verse i’ve seen a lot of dark nights and some sunny days kind of funny cause i wonder where the money lays spent many days staring in my artist ways but my heart displayed a function that was unengaged when it comes to stage many would just walk away i don’t talk of fancy things just an honest wage but upon the page i would let my thoughts parade didn’t matter if they listen or just talked till fade or maybe it does and i should learn to walk away but as the clock displays time as a cautious stage i’ve got a lot to say before life is lost to age picking up the pieces trying to turn a different page even more to see when the borders free of the court decree i’m a wanderer a traveler by my own degree simply let me be hook you see it’s nights like these i appreciate open minded to the idea initiate turbulence tends to happen but i set it straight on the wake of something good let me meditate
Wisdumb 00:56
verse don’t feel like myself any more it’s a chore to be adored allure is more enforced than researching your source of course i’m a corpse when short sourced for your courts in support but coming up short on what it’s for the poor stay wore down by store capture four scores and still ignored to be absorbed only pay attention when your forming a zord sword cuts core and leaves the rest on the floor swept under the boards so they won’t try to report without a resource your retort could be distorted the four horsemen appear in politic portions flames scorching from vocal swordsmen with short limbs forced grin hold rank even when lore ends pork skins goes pop when air force win no longer free but dumb is being pored in it’s boring common since now is foreign
verse can’t sleep any more my eye start to mirror a bad time night light doesn’t contrast well with sunshine lungs lined with mucus make it hard to function fine feeling stuck sometimes in this place i’m missing out a bout with myself to make sure i take efficient route man or mouse i haven’t figured out what i’m suppose to tout guess i’m out of the drought deep in the stream of a rhythm joust should be out but i doubt to much to make the clout devout to the silent rout or just phasing out head drop to the pit of my elbow when tears spout not a dab or fashionable brag just bad rotting on the inside and slowly becoming sad a rancid piece but a fancy feast for the scavenger scrub hands with lavender to try to cover why i when others is a fight i aim at my existence covered such a long way not seeing proper distance with my persistence does it mean i have long the strong seem to win no matter how things should carry on hook lost and alone out there there a long way from home out there there nowhere to rome out there there won’t leave alone out there there verse 2 nothing like holding my breath, and hope stress doesn’t recur sinking deep inside myself while flowing through your speaker complete refurb to nerves and damage to my fingers writing till the violence subsides no longer lingers night swinger hair trigger finger brain arrangers call the rangers bringing death to dark strangers life is tricky and full of pity sometimes want to vacate stay in my room close the blinds want it all fine hear the decline of many people speak up and catch a nonlethal between your peep holes where's the equal sequel to 1960’s revolt i worry about death and being dragged through the streets till nothing remains but an object of non belief would like peace without a severed piece of myself - can’t reach for the phone when there's no one to call for help hook lost and alone out there there a long way from home out there there nowhere to rome out there there won’t leave alone out there there
verse i have conflict with the meaning of myself as it stands no one told me as i got older how i’d be as a man nothings ever planned and the land just falls underneath me nights uneasy plus my days collide repeatedly wish i had chance to go back sometimes hindsight is fine as a reminder inside the mind there's been many times should of made better decisions my collision with reality straighten my vision pain sustained plus the loss of a life change guess forever isn’t long when things are ruined by the pain still i remain - as a shell of a shell when i fell it was hard to get the wind back in the sails but i’ve got my health and an understanding of self so if things fall apart i can manage to help verse 2 never thought i’d make to an age that one considers old remember walking alone with no outlet from the cold loss of time and space, friends and a how to begin staring off into the distance where the future is dim risking life and limb just being outside of the den with a feeling that the world was slowly starting to move in - things improved when i found some relief making music was a great way to further my reach studied defeat learned how to better the speech rather than preach i let the subconscious complete
verse back with a kung fu grip that sits well above my eyeline thinking of word to describe how i’m not fine decline of the basics and blinded by space x who knew zombies would garnish funds from many paychecks stay stress lay less like weightless less fresh hands held close against chest no breath yet still alive till death as the world falls to pieces i think what's next global effects from the noble execs over my neck folden a check and holding a bet knowing the rest plus no consequence when bailed out miss steps government wage war if i take in breath no time to enjoy but i’m forced to except if i’m seen out of line than a dangerous threat steady looking for some change while the bank is in debt inflate with a check but wait till the name is erect america a shining star when it comes to the best overwhelmed by an outbreak and still won’t test won’t stress - no mask needed for powned death should think about the lives of the rest you effect hook screw who think it’s coo to test tube the rude who think it’s their rule to let loose the fool who just a tool used to reck truth how crawl is this spool of bull they let through
verse rise and shine bedroom blinds are always eyeing me lay waste till the light rays are defining peace - never easy in this meticulous mode mind doesn’t fizzle to a point of want to go steady but slow and never know how the day grows allegro or lay low till the late show my staple make beats even when cake low even if the government is trying to move in strangle entangled cause my angle is getting mangled black man or dark skin feeling the range fold need a raincoat, gasmask and an explain note -to walk a few feet to resupply my only hope nope probably not the same mind scope blind vote for same kind of lying trope i’m america but the side you want forgotten rotten born with a mind that’s always plotting but hear the popping and notice black skin dropping instead of cars got to rent coffin probably get repossessed when they notice my payment started stopping -not really something that happens often verse 2 can i get a hand never planned to be losing ends precious gems isn’t what i’m out for defund the government get them off the people tour what a bore they utter more to cover sores - i’m on the floor with police looking like local war get a board some towels and a jug to pore that’s how they make them talk even if it wasn’t yours of course hook see how they do profile and bruise the wildest crew the proud in blue
verse The reach is out This brother preaching about doubt An empty pouch And no knuckles to pull out clout So what's that all about A bum rapper that's having fun with lung pushing in and out My pen plenty stout While you pull your penny's out Focused on the wrong addiction I use diction and squash friction like a crucifixion This crews forbidden Sorta dangerous like puma kittens Smitten with writtens And this is just a small percentage You've all been sentenced To be about the raw no gimmicks So give it up like a imac for fine crap Cooler than an eye patch No musket toting pirate Slick lines are back Don't need a hand More like apply clap Far cry from live rap But still bring that vibe back Raw flac straight from the jaw to where you at With more feeling than dealing with a knuckle coated dap This brothers is rap and you're just a rookie up to bat What is that
hook never in my life could i’d make it this far sipping life by the curb and thinking up to the star and i never in my life would i’d make it this far sipping life by the curb and thinking up to the star verse glad to have my friends around me even when i’m drowning astounding how i broke out of some life boundings and found sound king pound ground until my sound rings even if i give it an ounce the rhyme stings not down for shine bling mind climb is my thing focused on line scheme never was a crime fiend give me the mic and i can show you how the mind streams hyped full of fine dreams in line with my eye beams when ever the tide swings refine what the times mean candy coated soda pop rocks can knock a box of flakes often late up cause the mind wants to oscillate another day to weigh long debate in calming space
verse how many words are enough to be satisfied if i die will the reason have a justified walking out my door exploring how the moment will come cop with a gun mistaking the bike to be a weapon death threatened to every molecule of my essences can’t ask questions the logic is clear aggression fear the weapon black man a clear rejection i hear the lessons in talks of fueled regression so what's next then more talk leading to dead ends if i should die before i rise from under the gun let my friends know i led a life from under the thumb harder to run when you have no dollars to sum even if i were a king they would treat me as bum
Tapped Out 00:50
verse a bag of bones dragging on half the path is ragged clones macing show back to song rapping poems factors known this black cat will rack your dome make you pack up home than dial 9 for proper tone should of walked alone and spent the extra bucks to get a better microphone the site is long plight lights up your bias zone don’t need a deal to bill back in form of quiet loans i’m eyeing my own applying mind till the shine is blown not rhyming of chrome or stuck with the bill of a flashing home still make enough to build and take care of my ashy thrown best grasp what’s shown clash of the raptastic gnome to dangerous round ink pen & pad so write on phone any way so deep beats speak in sleep don’t waste time on sheep rather measure complete
The Claim 01:00
verse not really a lot going for me surprised i made it this far slipped hard but i’m back with a few scares trapped in a bubble rubble debate up late while the mind stuck on a contemplate this year has been trouble no doubt emotions keep me locked even when i want to speak out cops tout and protest turn to viscous bouts what's it all about standing for the reason clout but when beating sprout protesting breathing routes how can i respond back with proceeding doubts every step forward has hundred pulling back and i can’t survive with aggression and attack bullet to the brain or a knee until the spine cracks what separates the bad when the good tends lapse gang affiliate but it’s sponsored by governed badge and a southern flag covered in official swag reminiscent of colonial days slave trade and thinking of ways to make the natives pay time moves but it seems to circle round doomed to repeat with lineage holding ground
verse everyday starting to look mundane can’t even claim sleep when i’m laying on my bed frame how to retain a state of sane as life wanes i need a cane to steady the pain and nothing gained feeling strange plus the mental strain is causing my eyes to be disdain as the clock swings and the plot rots down the drain nothings the same even my aim is losing flame another day trying to retain a state of sane clocking the blame being in proximity range dropping the change and pocketing pain locking in blocks of lost gains fault shame from not sharing the same brain thought chain but i’d rather be not strained the lone ranger yet indicated as danger can’t lead a life unless it populates your anger point fingers anoint strangers only if join with coin favor enough labor with much distance to savor mind proclivity is at an ark ending phasor ready the taser if any stress burst the blazer sharp razors hook life is cold ice will show nights will glow hate can turn a friend into a rival slow fight to vote rights revoked life is choked knife to throat site is soaked
verse no time like the time when the time stood still in line with the signs cause minds look ill if i’m just chill than pride wants kill what the deal with the real guess the real needs feel why pills part of thrills in the wheels of a deal young kids lose will before they build for a will, ill still got to stack a rack, if not a rack than just act like it’s backed down to the nick nack of the patty crack police lease your life than take your life snap feel like i’m high jacked from the tone being black what a eye catch when the mind is attached but you define that when your blind at the bat no need to swing before the line is intact if prime is the catch to make the cheap latch who cares if the workers have got to break backs what of fake facts and what a late lapse school lost to the internet bait traps crap hook lies eye’s apply to dirty disguises stuck in a vacuum of smarter or the wisest get it right or be departed from the hi list i fit in the low margin of being high risk
verse don’t feel i have a lot left to say as the day fades from my windowpane becoming to familiar with the mundane drained by the climate ahead someday when i wake feel i’m better off dead no longer in the right place my words become the enemy if i don’t show the nice face eyes burn like i’m maced when i sleep and i wake up abrupt with breath hard to keep art sleeps plus i think i lost my heart beat another day to throw away regardless if i start weak feel like the mind is all wrong is it really me or just another sentence in a song trying to hang on with both hands gripping the cliff need my position to switch and i can feel the resist so this it victim in the daylight added to a phone reel to show you what the truth like plus news puts it on to repeat making sure to cut before the final breath is achieved


america is messed up and i'm ready to get out of here. black people are dying while holding a sandwich. dying while holding a cell phone. dying while sleeping in their own bed assuming they were safe. i feel like i could be killed at any moment and no one would even care. that is the taboo i cover on this album.

thank you to everyone who helped me complete this album. big thank you to everyone listening to my music and spreading the word.


released May 28, 2021

Album Artwork by Chantal Paeulini Convertini

Graphic Design by Megan Mulholland

Track Arranged by Odious Monk

Featured Musicians:

Derrek Philips - gumroad.com/redtapesamples
Sol Monk - solmonk.bandcamp.com/album/make-time
Nappy Nina - nappynina.bandcamp.com/music
Allysa Martinez - linktr.ee/allysagrace
Tåsi - linktr.ee/tasivibe
Erica Lanette - www.instagram.com/erica_lanette
Bobby Exodus - hyperurl.co/qniksv
Mike Meadows - linktr.ee/meadowsdrums
Higgs - linktr.ee/Higgs
Spoken Nerd - www.spokennerd.org
Charlie Bell - charliebellemusic.com
Unorthodocks - linktr.ee/unorthodocks
Bogedi - linktr.ee/Bogedi
Odious Monk - soundcloud.com/odiousmonk/sets
reSEARCH - shadowfactsrecords.bandcamp.com/merch
Mellow Marcy - linktr.ee/mellowmarcy

Mixed by 247
Mastered by 247


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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