Tomorrow Today

by Out of Place

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released September 11, 2019

Beats Produced by Moka Only

"Musiccal Feats" features vocal performances by: Tåsi & Moka Only

Album Art by Lamar Mathurin
Contact Lamar on Instagram @Nimbus.Black


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my music. if you want to leave a tip or support me on a monthly bases click the paypal link below. thank you, peace.

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Track Name: Musical Feats (feat. Moka Only & Tåsi)

never thought i would make it to the end of whats a beautiful journey
laid it out without the preverbal roof burning
a bit concerning
some event weren’t discerning
but life is a malton pot i hope to keep turning
divert eyes looking for the maximum surprise
with a factual disguise of an actual enigma
lost in a new bounce world of fake charisma
marked as an old sound with underground agendas
compound the fragments and push away offenders
on a roll not a bender the line transcend
with the for site to burn minds with mere cinders
serve it to your raw like cuticle wood splinters


it’s all manifested in the method of speech
laying down the rhythm to an impeccable beat
arms, feet, legs agee
do it for the reason of rocking you till you see
Track Name: Meaning Of Cool

seem to find myself in new places amongst the many face of reality
trying to find the commonalities analogies
and out of me is outer speak that isn’t hard to reach
never leaching off the lame to sustain prophet
could of lost at a young age to gain pockets
but to have a penny fold is insane logic
used to watch a kid speak with his knuckle popping
stealing from his granny's purse like it’s normal often
couldn’t help but wonder why it has to be the same
gain change to buy rings and other things
not thinking of the possibilities of stacking ends
just an everlasting loop to gain than lose again
losing friends, losing ends till mental bends
even had ex friends point pistols for something slim
i knew then
get out or be the next to be hemmed
up in the trap


am i alone
or is it just the fear
when i hear the voices of the past in my ear
should i move on
or should i stay here
when i hear the voices of the past in my ear

verse 2

funny how i thought wouldn't make it to the age of 20
being broke in naptown wasn't bees and honey
if i had a happy day it would seize it from me
remember cold winter days and a breeze that crummy
dark alleyways video games and nestly crunch
school lunch in the gym hunched over from being punched
hair set a blaze
still amazed it was done
not a care left
only music occupied my slum
till the principal took my only breath of oxygen
no walkman plus teachers didn't seem to care
feeling smaller by the day
and reappearing there
school wasn't me per say
everyday i had to bare
till i got a notice saying your relieved leave your chair
suspended for bad attendance at least i'm free and clear


am i alone
or is it just the fear
when i hear the voices of the past in my ear
should i move on
or should i stay here
when i hear the voices of the past in my ear