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  • limited edition 12" vinyl with screen printed covers by Kangaroo Press
    Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    for 3 years now i've been working hard to get this record finished. what you are about to listen to took a little longer than expected to complete but i think it was well worth the wait. this record is something i've never tried to do before and not sure if i will attempt it again. each instrument was played by friends who i know and respect very deeply. please seek them out and tell them what you think of their musical impression on this record. below is a list of everyone involved in the making of this album.

    album credits:

    "breaking bricks with teeth" Sara Zavaleta [vocals], John Radford [drums/ percussion], Paul Horton [keys], John Reno Prentice [guitar/ bass], Joe D. Douglas [flute], Melanie Parobek [strings]
    "in between steps" Beat Ape [vocals], Mikey Rockwell [vocals], Nathan Deese [bass], John Prentice [guitar], Jed Smith [wurlitzer/ drums]
    "out by night fall" Bobby Exodus [vocals], Kapsole [vocals], John Alvey [drums/ percussion]
    "pepperoni" Derrek Phillips [drums/ percussion], John Prentice [guitar/ bass]
    "leap" kidDEAD [vocals], David Saludowsky [bass], John Alvey [drums/ percussion]
    "loveless heart" Chronic Illness [vocals], Derrek Phillips [drums], John Prentice [bass]
    "case of the misplaced mic" Griffin Photoglo [drums]
    "cop stuff" Paul Horton [nord stage 2], John Alvey [drums], Deli [vocals]
    "over" Paul Horton [keys], John Alvey [drums/ percussion], John Prentice [guitar/ bass], Melanie Parobek [strings], Joe D Douglas [flute]
    "lesson learned" Griffin Photoglo [drums], David Sabludowsky [bass]
    "blocked out" Paul Horton [keys], John Radford [drums/ percussion]
    "tape worm" Jed Smith [marimba/ timpani] , Griffin Photoglo [drums], Melanie Parobek [strings], Joe D Douglas [flute]
    art work by Tim Volodzko
    screen print by Kangaroo Press

    Includes unlimited streaming of Untitled via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Breaking bricks with teeth Verse 1 It's always when least expect That when you get knocked back The packed to be a separate entity Not waste any energy Effort itself to be left and felt stealth Alone helps Away from phones and old self Even music on the shelf from the last heart fail Once, I seen the light but the dark will prevail Living in hell with nobody else to blame but it's easy to point the finger and let it linger till someone else's fault All bruises off Bare bones and bruit talk Had me cliff hanging over the edge till news brought A fuse box with many obstacles and switches Unexpected glitches and a heart formed by stitches Trying to see ahead but the road has many turns Ye I've been burned left for dead with no concern But my heart remains open looking for another light to bright'n up the day take pain move it away Hook You can be the sheep and I can be the wolf We can hold hands together till you want to give a push Or you can be the nail and I can be the coffin Stuck close together to keep breath from walk'n You can be the sand and I can be the sea Slowly carry you away to points nobody can reach Or you can be the safe and I can be the thief trying to break the combination cause I want to have a peak Verse 2 -Give'n it all that I got is how I should of never stepped in Creep close Left cloak Breath spoke Now with in the vicinity of the enemy entering in the space face to face with a waste of grace displaced Erase the memory so that my heart will never bleed again Cold and silent Bold defiant broken giant I know that I am Alone and basically cry'n But I'm fighting to push past gain a grip on myself If I slip then I fell But I can get and bale Living life is a tale That I continue to fail And I do it so well that's how i probably repel Anyone getting to close to my personal ceil Hook You can be the sheep and I can be the wolf We can hold hands together till you want to give a push Or you can be the nail and I can be the coffin Stuck close together to keep breath from walk'n You can be the sand and I can be the sea Slowly carry you away to points nobody can reach Or you can be a safe and I can be a thief trying to break the combination cause I want to have a peak Outro When you say love Thought it would mean forever (Sara Zavaleta) Puedes ser la oveja y puedo ser el lobo Podemos tomarnos de la mano hasta que quieras dar un empujo O puedes ser el clavo y puedo ser el ataúd, Pegados cerca para parar el suspiro de marcharse Puedes ser la arena y puedo ser el mar Llevándote lentamente a puntos que nadie puede alcanzar O puedes ser la caja fuerte y puedo ser el ladrón Tratando de quebrar la combinación porque quiero una mirada
in between steps 247 verse 1 Remember like it was yesterday On my way to a place unseen by these eyes Time to resize my view and get a clue One of many in this world and it's easy to get lost Though my head is on straight and I'm ready to pay the cost Feet to pavement moving the world while I stay steady Fixed and ready Caving my path in life heavy Touch down on new ground Found a new city to hound Auckland Full of inspiration New source of education Every days a journey got to be willing to try Or stay at home and mope never to question the why Hook Everything I need is right here in front of my face But am I willing to get it or let it fall by the waste Not in to chasing a dreams Making life a new place Want to rearrange my patterns and create a new phase Away from what I know but still in control my own way This is living life and never let it sink in a day
out by night fall 247 verse 3 I'm ready to leave got my sleeves rolled up and my bag are packed My mind is in a different place ain't no coming back Try to play it smooth but you attack Move in for the kill till you spill my life flat It's like that An obstacle facing the enemy Rather than dealing with You want to put an end to me Finicky isn't he self contained entity Lay down the rules then revoke with new ministry What are you kidding me Supposed to be adults But a dope when it comes to handling life strokes Get rid of personal items they make you look feeble Talk down on your surroundings then claim your better people We all are equal but you slightly deceitful Playing your hand till you got where your life will keep you But I see through That's why I must relieve you Walking out the door letting my eyes rome to peaceful
pepperoni 247 verse 1 I'm sitting at home Looking thin and boney My girl walks past and calls me her tenderoni Ask what for dinner She said bread rapped in baloney Nearly gag twice then picked up the telephony Dialed pizza spot thinking ham and garlic only Then remembered of a voice saying "get the pepperoni" (Hook) 247 verse 2 She said why not macaroni Thinking you really just don't know me Because that junk is phony with no meat like pepperoni Walk out the door heading over to grandma's place Happy to see her face But her house is falling to waste Saw a mouse As I jumped and screamed on the couch She giggle under her breath said boy you need to chill out Why don't you go out side and play some ball by the house But I'd rather be inside remaining lazy on the couch Won't you do anything No but I'll tell you what sounds great is a big slice of pizza on my plate Picked up the telephone and dialed the seven digits Said yo this grandma baby are you down with it Me and jr here Want some pizza homie And when you come around here you better make it pepperoni
Leap 247 verse 2 Hold'n emotion and boast'n Frozen in motion and coast'n Vaguer is over so open Knowing the rhythm like ocean Molding from older but closer to an original sculpture Give me a minute to poke past your pensive thought defense This is it The opposite of obstinate Occupants occupy space like oxygen We be interfere Like when the option sent So raise your mind Then keep your noggin bent Bleed into the microphone and let my knowledge vent Extremity of eccentricity No publicity Just simplicity Divided by what your entering Calculate then calibrate the callas state of what you need make Changing the temper of your ego We leap exceed the reach of weak people Be deep like coma sleep till non equal Defeat now own up chief We lethal Hook Up down down Alfa beta hater Could see you later but we're far past equator Colder then snow from both of the poles Give us a minute and we'll show you the ropes 247 verse 4 Call in your best to test what we live'n The sick villains spill'n feel'n but still chill'n Been appeal'n bitter taste like penicillin Cold concealment bold with an old dos on ill'n 247 verse 6 -Down in the lower pits Colder than winter gets Know when it's intricate We prone to be rip'n it Thicker then fleas spit disease till the week seise Lyrically feast on foolish thoughts you try to speak Hook Up down down Alfa beta hater Could see you later but we're far past equator Colder than snow from both of the poles Give us a minute and we'll show you the ropes
Loveless heart Verse I never knew a la, la, love could get shut down Heard the crackling sound of my heart hitting the group Shatter to pieces when the thesis was set Suppose to be a long road with room any regret Ready to jet Ye, it's happen before got bag in my arm as feet push for the door What is for Think I'm tired of trying to figure Hand over my chest as my heart turns to bitter What a quitter Guess I'll just try to forget her Made it to the car too numb to even deliver Words, I shiver Cause to me she was perfect Made the earth twist no more do i exist Calm hands turn to fist Sun light turns to mist In the dark abyss Wish I didn't persist A few weeks back her door hoping me she would miss wasn't quite the same when she told me she took a name And soon her finger would dawn a ring to him she was honoring and i was old news So reluctantly I left never to fall for this abuse again Living the life lonely notes of a musician Hook It's all over now just need to let it go The end of the road carries a message for the soul You can try to fight Eventually got to know If the hearts not there The minds probably leaving slow No turning back when the other side is cold It's a hard thing to quit her but she's all ready to go Brigitte Bardot ending vocals une histoire de plage mêlé de sable et d'eau dans un coquillage, la voilure d'un bateau qui se balancait sur le bord du soleil (Translation) a history of beach mixed with sand and water in a shell, the sail of a boat which swung over the edge of the sun
Case of the misplaced mic 247 verse Another evening like the rest with no particular change Feeling restraint because my vehicular tanked Call a cab to get to work but it's a typical day Open office door Sit at desk Banjo at play Fiddle with brittle paper ready -stacked for the case Rise an eye brawl and pull a page back from the waste This is something that reminds me of immaculate days More then - having a gun or fame packed in a phrase The kind of case that I live for One that actually pays Hazel pick up the phone set this meet today You know the charge 100,000 cause I'm beating this case A sleuth shoe living for truth too dressed in grey suits coo Thought to be simple minded but I'm packing a punch With intelligence behind every fact and hunch Before I dig in - I think I'll take a moment for lunch Thanking Hazel for the sandwich then it's on with hunt
Cop stuff Hook Cop stuff Cop tough Cop cuffs Cop clutch Cop stuff Cop tough Cop cuffs Cop rush 247 verse 2 I'm the C-O-P "hi" Want to believe that I'm a nice guy "what" Keep it rough cause I love check When my elbow rest between your head and chest "Neck" Rough yes cause I'm tougher then nail They call serpico cause the way I put them in jail Love, donuts and the coffee When I take another sip Want to get your facts straight cause I'm ah crack the case And head back to base With no time to waste If I could find the place "Ye" Cop stuff in a crazy chase Hanging out the window cause I want to save day It doesn't matter what they did know they ran away And that's plans to play with my siren "hey" J walking not in my city Litter bugs need to watch it cause I get gritty Nothing is pretty but we're cleaning up Not superman but we are kind of tough
Over Verse 1 Step out of the muck with buck full of steam The mean green controls dream fends And leaves scenes Battled and browsed Sadder men choose to be fools But I'm left standing here with no feeling up in my shoes I walk alone the dark grown skinny with art shown My heart blown but still mark tone like dial phones The now jones Living for death in ever second Hands to the sky legit with out a question Hook You don't know what you got until you lose it Verse 2 Rap like a trapper keeper dapper speaker avid seeker maverick geeker That attack your for lack leaser Leak leaf lines leap deep into subliminal While you play the criminal stealing with minimal minuscule copy the minute fool Penny for many tools Many but any cool Or stool in the floating pool Give it up like rough cuts when buff stuck Knuckles to the face till guts were up chucked Hook You don't know what you got until you lose it
Lesson learned 247 verse 1 I think of infinite possibilities Working for my facility Iller instill the will in me To rip it at best ability Never conceal stability Fill the well with the bill to speak And the will to bring harm to any pen with in my paper leak Invade the speech that doesn't make sense the part of my great release The language beast that gobbles up diction Like a brain that feast On, literal literature that radicals redundance Subjects are fully funded by works truly abundant So step off Like cliff diving to get the red sauce Or leave your head soft Like listening to language that leave the lame lost Loth the name we stay boss You stay soft So say stop Cause we continue like i was born to rock It's two four now Add the 7 and you restore the clock Don't knock what we doing cause we rouen all the talk Caught you fool'n on the spot And we cool'n on the hot Want to dual probably not Make you ashamed like bolding what Should know we brought the ill skill of excellence Words are pestilence Demolishing you written sediment A heavy hint When ever you see us around dope is evident and prevalent with in your Nashville residence Hook Flip'n rip'n delivery The pin and we speak Mc get silenced when ever finish this brief Encounter of a different understanding your weak Crushing any and all pretenders with in our gravities reach
Blocked out 247 verse 2 It's the same, recurring dream on a night like this Eyes are wide open My hands make fist I struggle to lift Plus it's trouble to get Breath, into my body but I smuggle a bit Snuggled against another silhouette undercover My body, doesn't listen try to scream at the other Person, beside me but its like I've been smothered Each cry goes unheard words serge won't submerge Stuck, Can't, Sit up, Don't freak Out Need to keep my mind distant from doubt Know it's just another dream but can't exit this rout Hard to breath my arteries are bargaining with the lungs And my heart slowing pass cause my breath has been non Want to wake but the toucher just continues for fun Lying hear seeing the ceiling while my soul loses light Sort of like I'm isolated to rid the body of life Hook The sounds are in my head I can't hear what is said
Tape worm Verse 1 A really unique individual He was truly one of a kind My first introduction struck by the motion of rhyme Crowded spot with no recollection of what moment in time Speaking a million words a minute and I'm just froze by the lines Never stopped to talk each thought poetic well placed diction Inebriated, could dispose of any villain creating friction He would stumble about and every mumble he would sprout was a keeper Quick and precise Swift like a knife He would cut Never letting up A pummel of words emerge as if to keep breath And that's the secret With out rhyme he was depleted Mind fixed on things that his body never needed Leap forward newer date in time He create a rhyme trying to keep his self clean and focus mind on the climb Going to start working out and grow his hair like a lion Is what he use to say though it never went that way And I was blind to see how this pattern of life would lead him astray Hook If I don't speak for his past then his future is ghost He was, more then a friend he was a reason to hope Wish I could of been there for you all alone with your notes Deep in that dark forrest with a vision to go Verse 2 It's hard to know where life will take you Sometimes it's up but mainly down With good friends around helps me sustain feet to ground Been a minute since you been around and my mind drawing conclusions Confused when stories emerge about your struggles In and out of trouble If you need me I'm there on the double Remember the night you stayed at our house i gave you my bed Told you sleep it off Then you woke me up with quite a fright Peeing in the sink cause I guess the commode wasn't right What a mess But doesn't matter cause friends suppose there threw the good and bad Happy or sad better believe it Could of been better at communicating ways to keep up but I was slipping Now my friend is missing Get a call with shook voice on the end of the line Wishing to reverse words and his life i could rewind Yakub one of the best may you rest in peace For ever in my thoughts till my mind & body deceased Hook If I don't speak for his past then his future is ghost He was, more then a friend he was a reason to hope Wish I could of been there for you all alone with your notes Deep in that dark forrest with a vision to go


Untitled is our latest masterpiece please enjoy.


released July 16, 2015

Album art credit: Tim Volodzko

Music credits: Ugly Lovely, Black Cat Sylvester, Erin Rae, Kapsole, Bobby Exodus, kidDead, Sara Zavaleta, John Furr, Radha, Spoken Nerd, CRONYK ILLNESS, Beat Ape, Mikey Rockwell, Mac L


all rights reserved



Out of Place Austin, Texas

i love making music. feel free to download my albums. if you want to support me on a monthly bases just stream my music. put me on your spotify or youtube music playlist. thank you, peace.

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